Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Isn't life just a matter of choice?


Warm is better than cold. Young is better than old.
Are you sure you know what's right?
Which is better: day or night?

Girls are better than boys. Tools are better than toys.
Ask a workman, ask a child.
Which is better: strong or mild?

Black is better than white. Left is better than right.
Who can tell me what's the truth?
There's no truth – it's what you choose.

Feeling warm, feeling cold; feeling young, feeling old;
being girl or being boy;
needing tool or wanting toy:

Ask a cat about mice. Ask a head about lice.
One of them will say: „They're nice!“
But not the head about the lice...

(Hein Baumgarten, Jan. 4, 1985)
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